Local Officer Clears $150,000 in Extra Duty and Overtime, Made 3 Arrests in 2017

Overtime Cop

Making bank

Bartonsville, Virginia – A developing story is beginning to gain traction in a medium-sized police agency in Virginia for all the wrong reasons.

It appears that an officer with the Bartonsville Police Department doesn’t have to worry too much about running short the day before pay-day.

It was recently uncovered that Officer Barry, a day-shift officer for that agency, made a considerable sum of money in 2017.

How much you ask?


That’s $190,000 thousand dollars!

And if you were wondering, Officer Barry’s salary is just $40k! The rest was made at various extra duty and overtime assignments.

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It is not uncommon for officers to supplement their ridiculously low pay with overtime and extra duty. Officer Barry has taken it to a new level.

Some have asked how his earnings were leaked to the press.

It appears that Officer Barry likes to brag about his sizable earnings.

A lot.

To anyone that will listen.

A humble servant

“He pretty much makes sure everyone knows that he made more than the Chief and the City Manager last year,” quipped Officer Daniels.

“One would think that you would over-hear young recruits talking about case-law or defensive tactics in the halls of our police academy,” said Lt. Ortega, lead instructor for the academy.

“And you would be wrong.”

It appears that what most police recruits like to discuss on their breaks is how much money Officer Barry made last year.

He has been lifted to almost legendary status among the young officers as well.

A disturbing trend has now started where many officers are practically killing themselves trying to work as much extra duty as they can, even forgoing sleep.

Even more alarming is the dramatic decrease in productivity from those officers.

It seems signing up for that extra-duty assignment is a lot easier than actually working it.

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Little do the green (very slight pun intended) officers realize, there is a price to pay for going after the kind of cash that Barry has obtained.

Many who have tried have found themselves experiencing serious relationship problems.

The most sinister part being unable to break free from the grueling long hours because they have become so accustomed to living a certain lifestyle with their big checks.

You can see Officer Barry pictured above on one of the three boats he owns. We were unable to confirm if the woman he is with is his wife or girlfriend.

And that’s not the worst of it.

The worst of it

After all of the accolades and love fest thrown at us, mostly from Barry himself, we decided to look deeper into his work performance.

Although Barry had presented himself as a hard-working cop, we uncovered the opposite.

Records revealed him to be consistently at the bottom in every conceivable stat or benchmark compared to his fellow officers.

On his last evaluation his supervisor commented that he was “lazy, un-motivated” but added “throws a great shift party with only the best micro-brews and food.”

Records also revealed just how little work Barry actually does with only 7 traffic tickets issued for the year.

And even though Barry works in one of the most crime ridden precincts, only 3 arrests were made by him. It looks like Barry obviously cares more about money than he cares about his work product and reputation.

We wondered if Officer Barry was an anomaly or was this type of officer prevalent in other departments?

To our shock it appears that every department has their own Officer Barry.

Some have several.

And we are confident that yours does too.

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  1. I would blame the agency for allowing him to work so much. If one is working that much it puts their health at risk due to exhaustion, sleep deprivation, etc. As for his crime stats, that also falls back on his supervisors for not telling him to have more productivity. It’s not this officers fault for taking advantage of OT and it’s not his fault if he’s slacking off at work and nothing is done about it.

  2. If that was me, I would answer by saying—you can’t measure the number of crimes I prevented by my omnipresence.

  3. Sounds like every police department in the US. Sounds like officer Barry was, was a hard working,, number producing beat cop. Then I bet he was passed over for promotion and a special assignment for a junior less experienced officer who was someones kid. All this to keep pace with the corruption and douchebags that run the department. So officer Barry takes matters into his own hands to make enough money to pad his retirement and make the “bosses” look like the douchebags they are

  4. I would wager that, as soon as this article came out, the agency and others started looking into timesheets for policy violations and criminal violations that end up being double dipping, and his termination and arrest will soon follow.

  5. Officer Barry should take responsibility for his own actions as we all should. Blaming others is not an excuse for ones own decisions…… this is one of many problems in our society. I do agree in the sense of his command letting it continue, but i have a feeling Barry will be selling his extravicate possessions soon…… anyone want a good deal on a boat?

    • I think a bigger problem in our society is
      1. Not being able to discern when something is satire.
      2. Not reading an article’s heading and footing clearly stating that the article is SATIRE.

  6. LIBTARDS: Making 190k annually isn’t lazy! This guy didn’t miss any police runs, didn’t call in any sick days or unexcused absence, recieved no bad marks for discipline and worked every Holiday for the past couple years! The town he polices has a very low crime rate anyway! People are jealous because this guy works harder,smarter and more often than they do! He signed up for overtime and off-duty details that others would not work! Only in the country..the land of the REAL LAZY & ENTITLED is this guy looked down upon! If he was working 40 hours a week and going home and drinking beer and watching tv and his belly get bigger he would be praised! Very SAD!

  7. Here goes the witch hunt. The news media will be checking into our department. God forbid you make much on off duty jobs. You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  8. Officer Barry needs to be handed his walking papers. It sounds as though someone did indeed get passed over for promotion by a more qualified candidate, it sounds like it may have been you with all of that seething loathing in your post.

    • Hey Robert, Thank you for your candid response. I really pray that you aren’t a homicide detective. It’s SATIRE.

  9. I think he has very right to get his while he still can, like I say about the rest of us. Get it while you can. Everyone wants to hate on these officers not making more traffic stops, or more arrest, but why would they want to? You gave them getting shot and killed answering a domestic call, or making a simple traffic stop .His Sargeant says that he is lazy, well trust me when I say, I’m sure he isn’t lazy, he just probably isn’t kissing ass to climb that ladder, he is more concerned about making extra money, seeing as if they don’t make enough to even survive. It’s nice to see an officer having fun, living life, all the ones I know are barely making ends meet, and they work extra jobs to make there bills, they have no time to have a life outside of work. Then not to mention the mental stress they have. And it’s bad all that they have to bury, and there told to just deal with it the best way that they can, so they drink when there not on duty. Way to go officer Barry, enjoy your life, and best wishes!! Let the haters keep hating. Proud supporter of our law enforcement!!! ???

  10. Thank you Enoch for pointing out the obvious. There just hating, if an officer does good for himself then they want to shoot him down.

  11. When I was in a zone it was crime free. I’m not going to another zone where the officer isn’t present, hanging with his buddies at gas station looking pretty while crime is happening.

  12. I started reading and said “please tell me this is satire”… I continued reading and said “where is the “ha! Got you! 3 arrests and 7 tickets can be accomplished in the first half of your shift in most busy districts”… I continued reading and then stopped. Scrolled up. Scrolled down. There is was SATIRE. Thank freaking lord! And I finished the article with a good chuckle.

  13. This article again proves my point, that people don’t pay attention. They skim over something only thinking about their reply and giving their opinion instead of reading and comprehending.( ie: top of article “satire” – use of humor, irony, or exaggeration.)

  14. I read quite a few and I still read….I am shocked that none of his supervisors challenged 3 arrest in a year. My weakest officer had 3 a night..This kid milked the system, but if his dept. allowed they should mot complain.

  15. As our department’s Officer Barry, the accuracy of this piece is uncanny. And I along with my truck, bass boat, hunting land, and gun collection have zero problems with any of it.

  16. I fell asleep reading the article because I just finished a 48 hour straight OT shift so I can buy my girlfriend a new boat and my wife some flowers. But this Barry guy is over the top…..uh, wait…are you talking about me? Am I Barry??? Damn!

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