I don’t know how you ended up here but a few rules before we get started..

1. There is no political correctness here. If you are offended, leave.

2. Most of these articles and stories are SATIRE and HUMOR pieces for my devoted followers who are intelligent and enjoy a good laugh. From time to time I will address an issue in a serious manner that is neither satire or humorous.

3. If you were dropped on your head as a kid and can’t figure this out, please look at the category tag on each article. And please do not confuse this BLOG with academia that includes empirical evidence or data sets.

These opinions are just that.


My opinions.

-Oh, and in case, by chance, if you were wondering, I am a bona-fide police sergeant that works for a real police agency. The part about me being salty is up for you to decide..

~The Salty Sarge