Gallop Poll Reveals Citizens Still Hate Cops Despite Lip Sync Videos

Low Morale

Shots fired!

United Press of America – In the latest fad to sweep the internet, Lip Syncing Lothario’s in blue have captured the attention of America!

It all started innocently enough a few weeks ago from a simple video depicting a couple of cops lip syncing while sitting in their patrol car.

That video soon went viral.

And it didn’t end there.

Like the grand opening of a new Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop, cops were lined up around the proverbial You Tube block to get their 5 seconds of fame.

These videos, from the simple point and shoot (no use of force pun intended), to the highly choreographed group ensembles, were quickly gaining momentum.

New Officer Likes Telling Everyone He’s A Cop

Just when it seemed like we had finally eradicated cat videos, this new and disturbing phenomenon has appeared to fill that void.

From stay at home moms to silver-haired grandma’s, it would appear that these cute videos would sway the general opinion and humanize cops across the country.


A new poll tells a different story.

Prior to the videos spamming everyone’s news feed, cops had a 64% approval rate with Americans.

That approval rating has now dropped below 50% for the first time in almost 4 years.

When asked why, some of the answers were painfully honest.

Like “don’t they have anything better to do?” Or “If my taxes are being used in this way, I want them to actually sing the damn songs!”

Some complained that not enough country songs are being lip synced. Others asked why trap music hasn’t been lip synced yet?

To make matters worse, police and sheriff agencies are now laying down the gauntlet by challenging other departments to beat them in a lip syncing smack down.

Cop Eats Own Foot

Some viewers, to include veteran officers, are experiencing mental health issues from the videos as some departments are now having their Police Chiefs join in.

Although fads come and go, the internet has a way of policing itself of cringe worthy content.

There is one thing we can all be grateful for and that is this;

Officers have yet to introduce “air guitar” in any of the performances so far.

Oh god, the horror, the horror…

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