Cop in Virginia Starts New Controversial Workout Craze

fat cop

A heavy burden

Virginia – A cop in Virginia finally hit rock bottom with his weight issues and decided to do something drastic.

“I got tired of coming to work every day knowing that the fellas were going to tease me about my weight,” said the borderline obese cop who is known as Fat Cop or FC.

“I know the public’s perception of cops are that they are so helpful and nice but let me tell you, it isn’t always so,” continued Fat Cop.

A neighborhood watch coordinator, who has known the fat cop throughout his career, also did not hold back any punches when asked about Fat Cop.

“I remember when he was a rookie, he couldn’t have weighed more than a buck forty,” explained Mr. Washington.

“The kids in the neighborhood have now started taunting him with some pretty cruel fat jokes any time they see him on patrol,” said Mr. Washington. “They even gave him his new nickname” he said sadly.

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But Fat Cop took all of this as an opportunity to start a new fitness craze that has everyone talking. Even more appalling than the ridicule was that his own son actually gave him the idea.

Fat Cop Camp.

A camp like no other

It really is like no camp you have ever heard of.

And not everyone can be invited to Fat Cop Camp.

First off, you have to be fat. I’m not talking that little pooch belly that you blame on your vest.

I’m talking you know it when you see it kind of fat.

The first phase of the camp is considered a little unorthodox and has some saying that Fat Cop has gone too far.

The first two weeks of phase one has the fat cop camper going to work as usual.

With a twist.

All of his peers, and some hand selected citizens, have been instructed to mercilessly taunt the camper with any and all forms of fat remarks and innuendos.

“We make them all sign waivers so they know exactly what’s coming,” said Fat Cop. “We had to train the citizens and provide some with a script to ensure the taunting is up to police standards,” further exclaimed FC.

“For some of the heavier campers, we extended the shame period to 3 weeks,” stated Fat Cop.

“We find that fat shaming them is an effective strategy and makes the second phase not so daunting,” said Officer Peoples, a graduate of the very first Fat Cop Camp.

“And if you thought fat momma jokes could be cruel then you wouldn’t last one shift at FCC,” said FC unashamedly.


The secret sauce

Phase two can run from 3 weeks to as many as 12.

It mostly depends on manning and the call volume during the camp.

We brand each camper with the letters FCC so other officers and citizens can easily identify those participating in the program,” announced Fat Cop. “And the fact that they’re really fat.”

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“Their supervisors and citizens who run local eateries are instructed, under no circumstances, are they allowed the camper a lunch break or food,” Officer Peoples advised.

“It’s usually not hard to enforce these guidelines due to manning issues and call volume,” related Sgt. Powers.

“We found that not eating for 12 hours accelerates fat loss and helps the campers meet their weight loss goals faster than not eating for 8 hours,” remarked Fat Cop.

“I know that not everyone agrees with these methods but the alternative is far worse,” concluded Fat Cop.

It looks like this new trend in cop fitness is here to stay.

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  1. Yes, hook a brother up, however I’m disabled now. I have been putting on the pounds since my brain injury. I simply cannot workout like I used to. I was in great shape during my time on the job. Working out was my only hobby.

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