Man Dismembers Girlfriend With Chainsaw, Mom Says He Was “A Good Kid”

A man has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for dismembering his girlfriend with a chain saw and dumping her body parts in bags and boxes behind a Target store in Alabama.

William Lewis Payton was convicted of corpse abuse after charges of murder were dropped for lack of evidence. According to The Birmingham News, the cause of her death in 2015 couldn’t be determined.

Payton denies killing or dismembering 27-year-old Tonya Lynn Amerson, the mother of two of his eight children.

Prosecutor Joshua Ballinger said at Monday’s sentencing that 44-year-old Payton’s actions showed “a level of depravity you see in a horror movie.”

Payton’s mother called him “a good kid.”

He still faces trial on abuse and sodomy charges involving a child younger than 12.

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The fact that Payton’s mother called him a “good kid” is not surprising. In our current culture of “everyone is a victim”, should any of us be surprised?

I can almost picture little Willy growing up without any real supervision or positive male influence in his life.

My gut tells me he has always been placated and coddled for his misgivings without any sense of ownership or responsibility for his actions.

I also would not be shocked if slick Willy had not had a few go arounds in the criminal justice system. People just don’t wake up one day and dismember the mother of their children.

That my friend, takes a cold and detached soul to even consider such an act.

How do I know this? I worked a case where the bad guy, without much indifference, hacked up his victim with a hand ax and then discarded the parts in our local landfill.

A lot of you will say that some people are just evil. Maybe so. I believe that evil does not thrive in a vacuum. It requires several moving parts, one of which is fostering and advancing poor behavior with no consequence.

Humans are savage. We have been since the start. But we also have a soul and a heart that abhors this type of crime.

Why he only received 40 years is not clear.

People who commit white-collar crime get more time than that.

If he is found guilty of the sodomy charge against a child under 12, I’m afraid his pay back in prison will be far worse than any government sanctioned punishment he will receive.



  1. Allow me a little time with him. My wooden nightstick and a Chicago phone book from 1980 will help him remember everything he did. I won’t leave a mark.

  2. Just take out behind the courthouse and cut his ass up with a chainsaw. Cut hick dick off first so he has something to think about as he looses body parts.

  3. If you’re a female—woo hoo. If you’re a male, please let me refer you to Mr. NorthSide. You have to know Chicago to understand that .

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