Area Woman Outsmarts Traffic Cop, Beats Ticket In Court

Grandma Beats ticket

Lead foot 

Amherst, Virginia – In a breaking story that has many in the law enforcement community baffled, a local woman has been cited for speeding.

Even though she repeatedly told the officer that she was just going with the flow of traffic.

“I have to hand it to the lady, she came up with an excuse none of the cops around here have ever heard,” said Officer Danforth.

The woman, who refused to give her name for this story, was emphatic to Officer Danforth that she was just going with the flow of traffic.

A review of the officers in-car video seems to contradict the woman’s claim. Yes, her vehicle, a red 1996 Astro Van badly in need of a paint job, is clearly seen in a pack of four to five other vehicles.

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But one can clearly see grandma accelerate as she passes on the right a Dodge Charger whom she leaves done and dusted.

And like most older drivers, she left her turn signal on for the next two miles until Officer Danforth could catch up to the gray-haired speed demon from Amherst.

The stop

We were able to obtain Officer Danforth’s body worn camera video of the traffic stop which captures, among many things, the outlandish claim made by the elderly woman driver.

As Officer Danforth approached the driver’s side window, the lady driver immediately, with a large grin and carefree demeanor, asked politely why she was being pulled over.

Officer Danforth was also showing a carefree demeanor during the initial stop once he realized he had pulled over a white woman with a large Donald Trump sticker on the rear bumper.

Danforth would soon realize that this stop would become anything but routine, Trump bumper sticker or not.

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This is why officers should never relax during a traffic stop, even if it’s not a car full of young college students with a “Coexist” and “Hillary 2016” sticker on their rear bumper.

“Good morning ma’am, do you know how fast you were going?”

A simple question that has been asked by cops for decades.

A cunning woman, a naive cop

“What do you mean, how fast was I going?” asked the gray-haired traveler.

“Officer, couldn’t you see that I was just moving with the flow of traffic,” she continued.

He had heard almost every conceivable reason and excuse from motorists caught speeding on this quiet stretch of road in Virginia.

Officer Danforth was puzzled. He soon remembered this excuse given by drivers when he was in the police academy by the old crusty traffic cop who taught that day.

For some reason this one caught Danforth off guard.

He was even starting to second guess his actions.

He soon realized that he was using Lidar and not traditional radar that day.

Danforth went back to explain this to the unusually calm and somewhat calculated driver who seemed to be playing mental games with Danforth.

He tried to explain that he had used a laser essentially to track her speed.

She was having none of it.

She went on to explain that his equipment wasn’t working. The local woman again told Danforth that she was just keeping up with the flow of traffic.

While signing the ticket, she continued on pleading that she would never speed and reminded Danforth where his salary comes from.

Traffic court

It was later learned the woman beat the speeding charge in court.

It was also discovered that the sly silver haired fox acted as her own attorney and essentially destroyed Officer Danforth in court.

Court reporters are saying she used the classic “just going with the flow of traffic” defense, along with attacking the credibility of Officer Danforth which included attacks on his very manhood.

Some are now saying that the true victim in all of this happens to be the son-in-law of the silver-haired racer.

Rumors have begun that he must listen to the retelling of the flow of traffic stop every several months. This also  includes the wrongs that befell a great american that day, her.

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