Cops Stunned as Local Prosecutor Shows Up Prepared For Court


A break from the norm

Tennessee – In a stunning revelation just discovered this week, a police agency has cause to smile.

It appears that one of the prosecutors for this medium sized police agency in Tennessee has broke the mold when handling cases for the cops in this jurisdiction.

What does this attorney do, you ask, that’s so earth shattering?

He shows up for court prepared.

Even more shocking, some cops say that this prosecutor even has appeared to have read their actual reports and case files.

“At first I thought this guy was pulling my leg, like I was about to see Ashton Kutcher at any moment and punk me,” said Officer Ortega. “But it didn’t take long before I knew that this was no joke.”

One officer, who chose to remain anonymous, revealed that this new prosecutor, Wilbur Jennings, has also displayed another rare quality.

A knowledge of criminal law.

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“And he knows how to apply it,” remarked Officer Danforth.

“We know that attorney’s right out of law school are green and aren’t quite ready to work for their daddy’s law firm yet,” said Danforth. “But Wilbur, man, this guy is different, he actually makes me not hate lawyers as much,” confessed Danforth.

A different breed

“I’m a different breed,” said Jennings.

“I know that each of us carries a heavy case load, but so do the officers and detectives,” Jennings asserted.

“And it’s no secret that the prosecutors in this office are just biding their time until they can become partners with their father’s law firm,” said Jennings.

We did a little research and found that Jennings isn’t to far off the mark on that statement.

And there were several other shocking revelations discovered.

The boldest being that they really don’t care about night shift officers. We actually uncovered several emails actually demonstrating this disturbing insight.

A not so shocking revelation

“I can’t wait to see the look on Officer —— face when I tell him his case has been continued,” laughed one of the prosecuting attorney’s through an email chain to his colleagues.

“Email, whose got time to send a stupid email calling them off,” chuckled another prosecutor.

“It makes me just sick to know that my colleagues could be so heartless and cruel to our heroes working the night shift,” Jennings announced apologetically.

“I mean it’s bad enough that 99 percent of us chose this profession for the money but to deny someone sleep is just too much,” Wilbur Jennings trembled while holding back tears.

When asked to respond about the latest email chain of prosecutors ridiculing the cops in his department, Danforth related that he had unfortunately read every one.

“We all know that cops are the red-headed step kids of the criminal justice system but this is ridiculous,” Danforth elucidated further.

Sadly, It’s been rumored that Danforth and his colleagues, despite the efforts of Prosecutor Jennings, have all gone back to hating lawyers again.

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  1. Sir,

    I admit, this was amusing. But, as a law student, with one year left–thank God–I have to ask, why such dissatisfaction with attorneys? No, I’m dead serious, I’d like to know from a LEO’s perspective, what you–and from your twenty years’ experience–they, don’t like about attorneys.

    I’d very much appreciate a response, and, if possible, a conversation. No, I assure you, I’m not going to call you a “racist” or a “pig.” I don’t insult people because of their profession; I judge by individual actions and values.

    On a closing note, I actually DO have the intention of working at my father’s law firm! HA! You got me on that one! Haha.


    • James, 33 years as a Police Officer. Many Lawyers play such a bull shit game. Cops have to be honest and Lawyers lie their ass off even when they know the def is guilty…..Anything for $$$$$$$$$

  2. Because you stand for the exact opposite of what I stand for. My job is to protect the public and one of the ways to do that is arrest perpetrators for their crimes. Your job is to get them off, regardless of whether they committed the crime or not. And if the atty cannot argue facts, he then relies on legal technicalities to try to get his client freed, or worse, attacks the credibility of the officer or witnesses, often personally vilifying them without regard to consequences. I understand that every defendant is entitled to an attorney to defend them in court, but I don’t have to like the tactics that many of them use. I have nothing personally against a criminal defense attorney, but I don’t have to like what they do. Yes, I get angry at those attorneys who attack my character and veracity.

  3. In my 17 years, I’ve had one… Yes, one… Defense Attorney argue the facts of the case as to his clients innocence. Every other time has been procedure, paperwork, and even false attacks on my integrity… All in an attempt to create a sympathetic juror who will entertain a reasonable doubt in their mind where one shouldn’t exist. That’s why.

  4. It appears that the truth is something that is inconvenient to most lawyers. They are quick to condemn cops irrespective of the truth. If lawyers had to go through the same checks and balances that the cop do, a large percentage would end up in gaol I think.

  5. In my country Police are required by law to serve a brief of evidence by a date set by the court. This is to provide sufficient time for the defending solicitor to create his defense. Most solicitors in my town were honorable to a point, but one stood out as a backstabbing bastard. Police would just drop off the brief to the solicitors office prior to the due date, as a person with little trust in others I created a receipt which was signed time and date by the law office reception, to prove service. The bastard solicitor presented in court on a contentious case, unknown to him I was seated in the back of the court. The bastard claimed to the magistrate that the brief of evidence had not been served and demanded that the case be dismissed which was the common outcome. Before the Magistrate could rule on that I jumped up, presented to the prosecutor my receipt of service (for he had no other way to defend the allegation) The receipt was handed to the Magistrate and the bastard pulled the brief from his briefcase and uttered…my mistake your worship. He should have been indicted for attempt miscarriage of justice.

  6. This is pretty, unbelievably, accurate! If I had a dollar for every time I went to court and there were 10 officers waiting for their case in front of the same judge, and then 99% of us were released, I’d be a rich man. The DAs rarely seem to have even read the cases before they go in front of the judge. System is brokenx100

  7. So Sgt, I can’t dispute the accuracy of your observation. As a current Attorney and former clerk of a trial judge, there were WAY too many times that the prosecutors were unprepared. I’ll never forget when my judge when off the deep end with a prosecutor because she insisted on getting a postponement on a case that had been languishing for over a year because they needed to test the DNA. She hadn’t yet ordered it sent to the lab!

    In their defense, our prosecutors in my neck off the woods make it an absolute point to let judges know if a cop was injured in the case. I assure you, God help the Defendant if a cop is injured. I saw a PBJ case get changed to 60 days in jail and $200 in restitution when an officers’ foot got run over by the Defendant (charge was possession of an expired handicap placard). Officer was not injured, thankfully, but his steel toed boots were destroyed, hence the restitution.

    As to lawyers in general, I wish to point this out. Not all of us practice criminal defense and thereby the archenemy of police. I practice civil law, contract litigation and real estate. What I am most proud of is starting our annual Will for Heroes. Lawyers come in on a Saturday and do estate planning documents for first responders free of charge. I’ve met some great cops and firefighters who I’m proud to call my friends and they’ve consulted with me on other matters as well. I bend over backwards to help them when they need it. I don’t practice criminal law. Having sat through tons of criminal pleas and jury trials as a law clerk, I quickly realize that I seriously lack the patience to deal with those people. They can’t seem to conceptualize that by committing a crime, you just subjected yourself to the government’s oversight. The entire process is about whether there is enough evidence to convict you (usually there is plenty) and when your found guilty what is to be done with you and what you shall do. Your free will is gone. They seem to think that they are in control of the system and become angry when they find out it’s the system that controls them. They are impatient, lack respect, basic decency and are completely oblivious to any liability on their part. I know I’m speaking to the choir but know that despite lawyers being appointed or paid to represent them, we fair no better. As for me, personally, my father was a truck driver and I paid and continue to pay for my education. I wish he had a law firm, I’d make more money than the pittance that I do now.

    I wish you and your LEO followers all the best. Please keep up with the salt, it makes my day!

  8. It doesn’t even have to be a criminal trial. I think traffic court is worse. When you actually get your summons to appear, the defense continues. Then the PA misses sending you the next court date so they continue. The 3rd time, they’re not prepared, automatically dismissed. Reason a lot defendants play roulette with traffic court here because they almost never lose.

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