Shocking Study Shows Social Media Can Produce Police Experts

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The data doesn’t lie

Harvard – In a groundbreaking study that will leave many law enforcement experts stunned, it was determined that social media has produced many citizens the special ability to interpret and analyze officer involved shootings.

This also includes any other use of force complaint or perceived police brutality infractions reported by citizens.

The year long study used several different methods of collecting the data.

Interviews, surveys, cold calls, and open source data tracks were all used to give the group a cross section of experts across the country in police/citizen encounters.

These methods were all very successful in the information gathering phase. They paled in comparison, however, to the hands down best method for finding the very elite experts.


“It really just happened by accident,” said Shivra Patel, one the Harvard undergrads conducting the study.

“After one of the handful of over sensationalized officer involved shootings, I was perusing my news feed when I stumbled upon expert after expert giving their expert analysis of an officer involved shooting.”

“At first glance I thought I had landed on some police expert use of force Facebook group,” said Patel.

“The way each one of them broke down every incident with pin point, strait-forward analysis was uncanny,” Patel related further.

“I mean, once you forced yourself to overlook the over-the-top knee jerk emotional response each had, the only conclusion I could draw were they all must have had some type of formal training on the topic,” confessed Patel.

“We had to dig deeper,” concluded Patel.

An unpopular finding 

“A lot of people, especially police, were outraged with our findings,”  advised Dr. Krakauer, head of the study.

A lot of the Facebook responses could be broken down into several groups. The two groups which stood out most predominately were liberals and conservatives.

“We were really taken back that not more Asians or Hispanics met the threshold or qualified as experts in this study,” said Dr. Krakauer. “One hypothesis was they were at work and couldn’t give their opinion or respond to surveys.”

A big part of the study was identifying these “police experts”.

Once they were identified, invites were sent out for those selected to continue the groundbreaking study. Most of those selected did not respond.

Those that did respond, mostly middle aged white females and firemen, were asked to participate in a virtual use of force training simulator.

The expert group would go first through each of the 3 scenarios followed by the control group.

The control group consisted of anyone who had no opinion of police shootings or the tactics used by police.

With these parameters in place, the control group consisted mostly of Firemen.

Each group was run through the scenarios and did quite terrible.

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Every single actor/citizen in the video simulator was killed almost instantly by every member in each group.

Most disturbing was that most even reloaded, twice, during the baby-having-asthma-attack scenario. Also, none of the participants in either group remembered to turn their body camera’s on.

The study did reveal some revealing findings however. It appears that the self proclaimed expert group did do better than the firemen group.

“We are still crunching the numbers but it does appear that the expert group does have some uncanny ability to immediately break down an incident from a scratchy You Tube video more so than the control group.” Dr. Krakauer professed.


The findings are nothing short of shocking according to most in the law enforcement community.

First, none of the “experts” were actually there when the incident occurred.

Second, they have absolutely no experience in being a cop or being in the middle of a deadly force situation.

Third, and this is the most perplexing enigma, none of the experts have all the facts about the incident other than possibly a 20 second heavily edited video clip.

“There is still much work to be done,” explained Patel.

“We are excited about these findings despite the push back from real cops who think they are the only ones who can speak intelligently on such topics.” said Dr. Krakauer.

“Heck, we might even discover that these “experts” may know everything about everything,” concluded Dr. Krakauer.

The study also showed that the “experts” were highly educated, left leaning liberals who were more likely to have a cop in their own family.

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