On Bended Knee: “Systemic Racism” and the Big Lie

Bended Knee

Big lie, small world

(Article updated on 8/17/18)

Did our country experience racism in Charlottesville, Virginia last year? Most definitely.

Does racism exist today? Yes.

But to demand that all white males, to include police officers, be contrite and admit openly that there is “systemic racism” is not only a stretch but supports ostensibly an outright lie!

The term “systemic” means that a thing or an idea permeates every facet of that “thing” or idea you are tagging as “systemic”.

Does this sound familiar?

Last year was a bad year for cops. This year HAS BEEN a bad year for cops… Maybe slightly better.

It’s been great for the liberal driven media.

Several officers involved shootings turned almost everyone into a use of force expert and a Monday morning quarterback.

Even for me, some of them looked bad at first view.

But having a background in both intelligence and investigations, I wanted to know all of the facts before jumping to an opinion or final analysis.

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And sure enough, “lost footage” or “original” video would suddenly appear giving the incident a more contextual backdrop to the events which led to the confrontation.

I have mentioned in previous articles that I am a staunch supporter of the 1st Amendment. It is the only way to effect real change and have your voice heard.

Unfortunately, not every voice is allowed to be heard when it comes to the NFL.

With football pre-season in full swing, and in spite of a rule change in May of this year requiring players to stand during them anthem, protests continue.

On bended knee

To take a knee in protest to social injustices, more specifically criminal justice inequalities, during our National Anthem is misguided and misdirected.

“But Sarge, you don’t get to pick where and how someone conducts their protest”… 

Most people identify our National Anthem and the Flag with our military and to those who have shed blood and their lives in honor and defense of this great country.

This is why most Americans are directly opposed to the protesters and are confused by the disrespect shown.

This would be like protesting in front of McDonald’s because you disagree with Chic-Fil-A being closed on Sunday’s.

Now, for obvious reasons, I understand that my leanings in this article are pro-cop.

I will also let you in on a little secret.

There are cops out there who are not good. Yep, you just heard it folks.

Here’s another little secret.

Good cops, those who make up 99.99999% of the profession, hate these cops more than chest thumping liberals.

And it’s not even close.

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Without turning this article into a political diatribe, I want to steer back to the meat and rub of my intent. To throw around the term “systemic racism” as the bullet point to your argument, please understand what it is you are saying.

“But what about all of the unarmed black men who have been shot and killed by police?”..

I believe almost every one of those incidents have gone to court and the officers acquitted (by juries of their peers, made up of both black and white, male and female).

This is where facts and evidence get tossed aside and flawed emotional logic takes over.

The Harvard study

In 2016, a study conducted by Harvard, to the dismay and chagrin of those who thought other wise, painted a picture of what most cops already knew.

There is absolutely no evidence to support racial bias in police shootings.

Also, the findings mirrored a study done by the University of Washington that concluded, in simulated use of force scenarios, that cops were far less likely to shoot at blacks than whites.

The study was done by a Harvard economics professor who would later say that he was shocked by the findings.

Here is the link to Harvard research article detailing the findings.

Another interesting side note to this research study by one of the most liberal colleges in our country was the following;

the research and findings were completed by a black man.


I know that this tiny little article will do little to convince those who are in support of the “NFL protester’s” position on social inequalities in our country.

I also know that the term “white male privilege” is gaining momentum.

If you are like me, I would love for someone to dissect my life and show me where, exactly, did I benefit from this “white privilege”?

I’m going against the grain on this one but I feel that we have come a long way in this country as it pertains to race. I also believe that the real devil in the room is Class and that race is being used to separate and divide us.

The media is driving a false narrative about this issue and will continue to do so until we as a people, blacks and whites, stand up and say enough is enough.

NFL players, keep supporting the false narrative and lie that will only divide us further. Keep aligning yourself with the lie that you have so easily bought into.

NFL Owners, in the end it’s not so hard to believe your true values and why you support your bottom line in this way. I mean you do charge $100.00 for parking at your venues.

I’m sure your mothers would be proud.

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  1. The real reason to watch or boycott the NFL is what type of entertainment you like to watch. After all the NFL is designed to and does a good job of entertaining. The players are nothing but entertainers with a grass stage instead of a wooden one. You pay BIG bucks to be entertained as you would in, say, Las Vegas. The entertainers get well paid to provide this entertainment.
    Many of these entertainers have forgotten what a SPORTSMEN is and lead lives, both on and off their stage, that do not enlist the values of a sportsmen. They have now, as the Sarge wrote, chosen to promote a “false narrative”, a lie that further divides this country and does nothing to help stop tearing this country apart.
    Since being retired I can no longer salute but my right hand will always be over my heart!

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