23 Year Old Cop Mentors Rookie


So much wisdom

Topsail, Virginia – Everyone knows how important it is to have a mentor.

You know, that older friend or co-worker who has essentially seen it all. A new program in Topsail, Virginia has now adopted this idea among its rank and file.

“It really seems to be making an impact on the younger officers,” said Officer Longstreet, who has been with the department for 2 years and is already a Field Training Instructor.

“And I know what people are saying, he’s just 23 years old, but I’ve seen a lot bro, a lot,” stated Officer Longstreet.

And that statement by Officer Longstreet isn’t entirely untrue.

Many police departments across the country have seen many seasoned officers retire or just leave the profession all together.

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The cause?

Too many to name for this article.

Let’s just say many agencies are now comprised of officers who have been on less than 1 year.

“The thought of that is even scarier than another Ben Affleck Superman movie,” said Chief Wetstone of Topsail PD.

Here is just a snippet of the exchange between Officer Longstreet and and a newly released rookie.

Sage Advice

“I just feel like I need more time Officer Longstreet,” the rookie bellowed while the two were waiting for line-up to start. “What if I don’t know what to do at a scene or worse, get scared?”

“Been there, done that rookie,” Longstreet pined. “When you have been on the streets as long as I have, about 18 months, there’s little that you haven’t already seen”.

“It seems like yesterday I was sitting in your shoes wondering the same things,” assured Longstreet. “All of us veteran officers remember those early days when we were brand new and still learning the job.”

“Gosh, Officer Longstreet, I don’t think I’ll ever be as confident and as street savvy as you,” related the rookie officer.

“My Mom said that every cop goes through this and that just because I still live at home doesn’t mean that I can’t relate to the citizens we serve,” continued the rookie.

“Rookie stop,” said Longstreet. “You’re making me miss the good ole days when I used to do the job while still living with my Mom.”

“It seems like a lifetime ago rather than 6 months,” whispered Longstreet.

Their conversation continued throughout the morning. It concluded with the rookie asking Officer Longstreet a direct question.

“Officer Longstreet, why do I see you often just staring off into the distance with a blank gaze in your eyes?”

“You ever hear of the thousand yard stare kid?” asked Longstreet.

“Only once, in Call of Duty Black Ops II, but my Mom made me go to bed,” answered the rookie.

“Well, when you’ve been on as long as me and have seen the things I have seen, you’ll get the stare too,” Longstreet stated somberly.

The rookie nodded his head and replied “10-4 sir”.

Sage wisdom indeed.

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