Officers in Ohio Willingly Give Up Raises

give up raises

A heartwarming gesture

OHIO-Officers in Bartsville, Ohio have gone against the grain and forfeited much-needed raises for a greater good. The officers of this department, like many across the country, had not seen raises in almost a decade.

The reason and cause for their kind gesture?

So that executive leadership could purchase much-needed new furniture for their palatial offices.

“Something just didn’t seem right” said Officer Jones.

“Last week, while getting my ass chewed by the Captain, I noticed how old and out of date his love seat, couch and recliner set were in his 1700 square foot office.”

“After leaving his office, I couldn’t believe how bad it really was,” he quipped, holding back tears as he described the deplorable condition of the furniture.

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“Instead of feeling bullied and thinking how out of touch the Captain was during  our meeting, all I could think of was how sad it must be for him to work in that condition,” Officer Jones said.

“It made me more determined then ever to do what needed to be done.”

An agreement reached  

It wasn’t long before more stories began to emerge of the un-livable conditions that the leadership of this department had to endure.

Rumors spread like wild-fire.

One of the worst rumors that would be verified as true was that many staff officers began to actually visit the officers in the field.

Sgt. Wilcox in uniform patrol noted, “we noticed that many executive officers were randomly showing up at line-ups.”

This caused some of the officers to begin drinking more than normal after hearing old war stories and outdated policing philosophy’s.”

Something had to be done.

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That’s when Officer Jones proposed to his fellow officers of forgoing their raises to help purchase new furniture for the staff officers.

Not every officer fell in love with this idea initially.

It just seemed like the right thing to do

Many police departments across the country have had to come up with innovative ways to do the job with less.

The police Chief in Monroe, Ohio knows this on a personal level.

“My personal elevator broke down several months ago at police headquarters,” Chief Wilson explained.

“Instead of having the City pay thousands of dollars to fix it, I opted to just use the stairs instead.”

This act of courage and leadership did not go unnoticed by the troops.

Each morning, at around 9:30 Am, the Chief could be seen making the sacrificial climb up the 2 flights of stairs to his office.

“Over the past 2 months, I have noticed a marked difference in my fitness level since climbing those stairs twice a day,” said Chief Wilson.

“The only strange thing about my new regimen is that my executive staff is always offering to carry me up the stairs” quipped the Chief.

Officer Jones would eventually convince all of the officers on the department to give up their raises for the purchasing of the new furniture.

The City has already told the officers they can expect another sizable raise next year.

Rumor has it that the raises for next year just may be enough to cover for a new elevator for the Chief.

Stay tuned.

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