Liberal Leave Policy a Disaster for one West Coast Police Agency

liberal leave

A complete disaster

Washington State – In a progressive and medium sized police agency in Washington State, a liberal leave policy enacted last year has proved to be a disaster. This move, by the newly appointed Chief of Police for the Port Orchard Police department, have many scratching their heads.

A few years ago, many private sector companies developed a leave policy which allowed employees to take as much leave or vacation as they needed.

Yes, you heard that right.

As much time off as the employee needed or wanted.

And it worked.

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Research on these companies that use the liberal leave policy have come back with some intriguing data.

Early indicators are showing that employees actually end up taking less time off versus when they were given a set number of days or hours off.

It appears that peer pressure has played a significant factor.

One of those identifiable factors was not being singled out as a non-team player. In a normal work environment, those who are always taking an excessive amount of time off are perceived as non- team players.

At first, the business world scoffed at these CEO’s and their oddball policy. This didn’t last long as the data starting coming in to the contrary of what they were expecting.

Chief Delmore of Port Orchard thought the same results would occur at his agency.

He was wrong.

Liberal leave, a big mistake 

“I think I may have made a big mistake,” Chief Delmore confessed. “I thought cops would fall in line with the rest of society and succumb to the same peer pressure,” he said.

The Chief was shocked when he discovered that half of his department was routinely absent from work on any given day.

Chief Delmore, like most police chiefs across the country, has had to over-hire in the past few years to compensate for many veteran officers leaving the profession.

A lot of these positions were filled by Millennial’s.

Like most police departments, at least 80% of new officers are within this cherished generational group. At first, very few officers took advantage of the new policy.

That was short lived however as many brand new officers started taking leave in abundance. “We had some officers take 3 weeks vacation just 2 weeks after getting released from their field training officer,” murmured one disgruntled sergeant.

Chief Delmore refused to reverse his decision about the new liberal leave policy.

From the beginning, he avowed that this would work, even putting his career on the line over his decision.

“The haters are never satisfied when you try something new, especially if it’s a break from the norm,” Chief Delmore loudly proclaimed.

When asked about one officer who has been on vacation for the past 4 months, the Chief quickly gathered himself and thought before responding.

“Yes, it’s true,” said the Chief.

“We have an officer who has been on leave for the past 4 months.”

“And he’s doing a lot of great and wonderful things while he’s been on vacation,” explained the Chief.

“A lot of great and wonderful things…”

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Disclaimer: The Police Department depicted in this story is real. The story, however, is not. No officers or police chiefs were injured during the writing of this article..

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  1. Where did that Chief come from? It sounds like he was transferred directly from a Teacher’s Lounge. I can’t believe he has any experience doing police work. For years, I struggled just to get off of the night watch!

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