Town in Alabama Hires First Female Officer


First female cop

Backwoods, Alabama – The fifty officer department in Backwoods, Alabama has hired its first female officer in the departments history.

The new girl cop, Mary Sinclair, who holds two Masters Degrees, was selected after a grueling hiring process.

The candidate pool that Mary went up against was not easy.

There were highly decorated officers from other departments, even a local war hero, applying for the coveted position.

In the end it came down to just two candidates.

Mary and Tommy  Singleton.

Tommy, a local boy whom everyone knows as “Bubba”, had “dreams of being a cop his entire life” his Aunt Peggy said.

But Tommy had no idea who he was up against in the final decision who would be hired.

The right thing to do

It all came down to who was most qualified.

Mary, as mentioned, possessed 2 Masters Degrees, one in Criminal Justice and the other in International Studies.

She was also a licensed pilot and was fluent in 5 languages. In her off time she liked to volunteer at the local rescue shelter.

She also ran a very successful lifestyle and fitness blog.

Bubba was a local boy who had recently turned his life around and wanted to fulfill his boyhood dream.

After getting his GED, he enrolled in the community college in town and started taking criminal justice courses.

Bubba liked to hunt and was an orange belt in karate (this was pulled directly from his police application).

After their final interviews with the Chief, a decision was made to hire Mary Sinclair as the towns first female officer.

When asked how he came to his final decision to hire a female, The Chief said un-apologetically, “there’s just something about Mary.”

A new beginning

After selection and completion from a regional police academy and field training period, Mary’s long road to becoming a cop was realized.

“At first, the boys were real skeptical of a female doing the job,” said Mary.

“But given time, they have slowly begun to warm up to having a girl on the force.”

“I didn’t like the idea one bit,” extolled Officer Chip Stevens, when asked how he liked working side by side with a female officer.

“But she can make a damn fine cup of coffee and the best damn pimento cheese sandwiches this side of Redmond’s Creek,” he further related with a wry smile.

Stevens left out the part that Mary already has more arrests than him and that her reports are considered the gold standard for the shift.

“And she’s pretty smart too,” said her immediate supervisor Sgt. Tim McCovey.

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“I let the boys run down and chase the bad guys and have Mary take the reports, when she’s not busy making sandwiches for the squad that is.”

And Mary doesn’t seem to mind taking on the added responsibilities.

“Sometimes I feel like I need to pave the way for future females to become more accepted in this profession.” said Mary.

“And if it means I have to make fresh coffee and sandwiches, then so be it.”

The Backwoods Police Department has also recently said that they would be open to hiring more female officers in the future.

I guess it’s true.

There really is something about Mary.

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  1. Oh boy! Yes. I know it is “Satire”. But, kind of how some small-minded Neanderthals in the force actually think. You’re not the only “Salty” one. Lol
    Otherwise, it made me chuckle at some points.

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