Cops in Vermont Allowed to Work From Home

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Modern Policing

Jackson, Vermont – In a controversial new policing strategy, a squad of officers from Jackson, Vermont will try out a pilot program that allows them to work from home.

They have already completed a year long trial phase with a small test group from this agency and so far the officers love it.

The officers, 14 in all, were given laptop computers and smartphones for this new innovative form of policing.

Here’s how it works.

Once dispatch received a complaint, the call would be forwarded to an available officer who would then call the parties involved.

Even better, if the parties involved had at least an 8th grade education and were familiar with modern technology he could interact with them on Facetime or Skype.

“At first I was skeptical,” said Officer Hightower. “But I soon realized that this form of policing had many benefits.”

“On many occasions, After walking the citizens through the steps of setting up their Skype or Facetime, they would often forget why they had even called us,” added Hightower.

“And don’t tell my Sarge, but working from home has allowed me to binge watch my favorite shows on Netflix and still serve the community, ” Hightower noted.

Will it spread to other agencies?

“We think so” said Sgt. Fish. “Once other departments see that our officer involved shootings and assaults have diminished to near zero.”

“And yes, we are still trying to work out some of the kinks, like how to make a virtual arrest or how we can convince people to not run away”.

Not surprisingly a waiting list has now been established as many officers now want to work from home like their peers in the trial group.

“The private sector has been gravitating towards allowing their employees to work from home for the last few years,” said Captain Woody.

“We haven’t had one questionable shooting or riot since going to this brand of long distance policing!” quipped the Captain.

The Jackson Police department is no stranger to thinking outside the box when it comes to trying new and controversial ideas in policing.

Two years ago, to save money and put more boots on the ground, the department went to 20 hour shifts.

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  1. Makes me almost want to come out of retirement. Heck it would feel just like old times with the 20 hour shifts.

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