The ADHD Enigma and How Cops Use It To Their Advantage


Look, a squirrel

I know, so played. So very played.


A disclaimer to all of you internet P.h.d’s and Facebook neuroscientists. This article is merely asking a question.

Some of you reading this will lash out with a superbly executed counter to the question and argument.

Go easy.

Why do so many cops have ADHD?

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Or, does the law enforcement profession attract those with ADHD?

I have been pondering both since 2012.

That’s when I finally gave in and did something about my “affliction”. I guess I had an extreme case because I really didn’t “give in.” In reality, it was more like an intervention from family and co-workers.

I couldn’t see it.

I mean the terrible grades in school, the failed marriages, the impulsive and erratic behavior at times. What the hell were these people talking about?

I was perfectly fine.

Stay focused man

My god if I had a nickel for every time I would hear that in a day.

With all good intentions, when you tell someone with ADHD to stay focused, you have essentially hit the pause button in their brain.

Like fingerprints or DNA, no two people with ADHD display the same characteristics of the “affliction.”

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Other than not being able to focus on anything for more than 3 seconds, the two that I displayed most prominently were hyper-speak and what I like to call the “Six Million Dollar Man” syndrome.

The best way for me to describe hyper-speak is this;

For normal brains, the thoughts that eventually become words and intelligible sentences, flow and pause based on the pace and temper of the person communicating.

For me and others who suffer from hyper-speak, the words in our head are coming at us at break neck speed and actually speed up as we begin to speak.

This usually comes across as arrogant, loud and sometimes mean. I guess that’s where my saltiness comes from.

Far worse than hyper-speak for me is dealing with and coping with the “Six Million Dollar Man” syndrome (this is what’s happening in my brain).

If you are my age then you remember this show that was quite popular in the late 70’s.

The main character, Steve Austin, an astronaut, is horribly maimed in a space accident. In a nutshell, the government rebuilds him with robotic limbs which in turn gives him superman like powers.

One of these powers is the ability to run fast.

Really fast.

For some reason, the shows producers thought it would be a cool effect to show him running in slow motion when in reality he was running at lightening speed. I know, it doesn’t make sense but hey, it was the 1970’s.

If you don’t believe me, check out this video..