Officer in Seattle Starts Dating Site For Cops

Cops in Love

Dateless in Seattle

Washington – A cop in Seattle, Washington has started his own dating site.

With a catch.

It’s for cops only.

Well, sort of.

After striking out on the more popular dating sites like Plenty of Fish and E Harmony, Officer Owen Danforth decided there had to be a better way.

“Some old salty veteran told me that back in his day there was no such thing as a dating site,” said Danforth. “He told me that a man had to grow a pair and walk up to a woman and ask her out.”

“I tried to tell the old salt that strategy may have worked in the 1920’s but woman prefer to be stalked on-line now before a real courtship begins,” related Danforth.

Danforth did a lot of research prior to launching his new dating site for cops called “Couple with A Cop”.

“I wanted the site to be tailored to the specific dating needs of cops,” stated Danforth. “And yes, we now have 3 female cops from Iowa who have also joined the site.”

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The site appears to be the only one of its kind in the country and early indicators are that a lot of single cops are in need of this service.

“I want the lady’s to know up front that this site only features cops,” advised Danforth.

“And we explicitly state on our landing page that any girl identified as a badge bunny would be banned from the site,”  Danforth declared emphatically.

“We want to portray the site as genuine with cops seeking long-lasting relationships,” he said.

“Couple with A Cop”

“Couple with A Cop” prides itself on integrity and not inflating the status of each of its members.

Each participating cop signed a letter of honesty stating that everything included about them would be truthful (to include their firearms scores and how many kids they pay child support for).

What became  apparent early on was how similar each of the bios were for each officer.

For some reason the officers thought that including information about themselves and their training would be attractive to potential visitors to the site.

Listing qualities such as field training instructor, defensive tactics instructor, dive team, and SWAT appeared to be the most popular and a running theme through most of the lonely bios that appear on the site.

A typical bio would read something similar to this;

Officer Paul Bartkowski is 6’0″, 275lbs, with blue eyes and blond hair sprinkled with strawberry chestnut highlights. He has been married twice and is current on his child support.

He spends his free time working out and arguing with his cop buddies on the best way to clear a room in a hostage situation. He enjoys talking about SWAT tactics and Dive Team operations as he is a member of both.

Paul is attracted to females who do Crossfit but also like to party. He enjoys the challenge and doesn’t mind rejection. The lucky gal must also love talking about Paul’s interest which are listed above.

Paul would prefer to date a fellow cop but will settle for a security guard or loss prevention specialists from Wal-Mart.

Sadly, several on the site have already been kicked off for being untruthful in their Bios.

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This past week alone, 3 cops were caught lying on their initial video intro.

Even worse, 7 cops were caught lying on their questionnaire. The most common lies uncovered were those who indicated they support community policing and are completely satisfied with their current leadership.

“We really try to do a thorough background check on all applicants to the site,” reiterated Officer Danforth.

“The last thing we need are for more people to not trust our product or worse, think that it’s some sort of satire site like The Onion,” explained Danforth.

When asked about early results of the site, Officer Danforth  optimistically vowed that one of the 475 officers featured on the site will get a like or a connection any day now.

We will check back later and report on their progress..

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  1. I totally get that badge bunnies get a kick and this site is for Leo’s only but what about widows/widowers of a Leo? What about that aspect for the site? It may be helpful especially knowing that they are already adapted to that lifestyle and want to continue to support and back the blue?
    Joyce – widow of VCSO #531 New Mexico

  2. Awesome idea! As a past Communications Dispatcher for Scottsdale Arizona, I really understand the rigors of dating a police officer; I was also married a cop as well as being an EMT in Denver Colorado. It is difficult to find some one who understands the difficulties of the job and the need to vent about their day. Kudos for this idea!!

  3. So why not badge bunnies? They love coppers,,!!! And curious although the trophy comes to mind not everyone can handle u guys, it’s not easy. Humour and independence are strongly advised

  4. Good idea. Maybe I’ll start my own version in my area. The tricky part is weeding out liars, narcissists, and serial badge bunnies. Thin line between women who know and love cops and actual “badge bunnies” just getting their kicks though.

  5. This should be part of every police service! Somebody pls bring this to Manitoba … I mean sure I communicate with officers on a regular basis but it’s not exactly professional to ask about relational status while dispatching units to calls : P

  6. Sounds like a great site . It should allow widows of Police Officers and Nurses. We have lived the life as a Widow and understand it. As a Nurse we have dealt with the same problems.

  7. I was married to a State Prison Guard for 17 years, I’m a Police Dispatcher. Hope everyone on this site finds True Happiness, and Love

  8. So basically…. The first date would consist of F* bombs, too much beer and a contest to see who could come up with the most discusting, gory true story. That’s right up my alley!

  9. Schedule, stress and temptation – lived the wife life and sad it took its toll. Dispatched for years so I totally get it, just hate our family was added to the statistics.

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