Veteran Cop Quits Force to Caddie for Son on PGA Tour

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A dream in the making

Blacksburg, Virginia – A cop in Virginia, with only 2 years left until retirement, has quit the force to become a full time Caddie for his son on the PGA Tour. This truly is an amazing story that was uncovered earlier this week.

Most cops who have done 23 years on the job are just holding out to collect that retirement check every month and tell war stories.

Not this cop.

“He asked me a couple of weeks ago if I would consider it,” said Sgt. Jack Procter. “After thinking long and hard about the opportunity, I decided it was worth the risk,” he said.

And what a risk indeed.

His son, Rory Procter, has had dreams of playing the pro tour ever since he was a young boy.

“I still remember the time we played 55 holes in one day,” reflected Rory. “I think I won 3 holes that day but it didn’t matter.”

“Those 3 holes that I won, from a pretty good golfer, gave me the confidence to dream of making the tour one day,” whispered Rory, straining not to cry.

This almost sounds like a 30 for 30 or an E60 ESPN special but for one glaring caveat;

Rory Procter has never won a golf tournament in his life.

Against all odds

“He’s never won a golf tournament in his life,” Jack said nervously. “But he promises me that his game has come around and he can play with the big boys,” he said.

The elder Procter is putting his own police pension on the line to help his son fulfill his dreams of being a pro golfer.

“I have been striping it at the range all week, getting ready for a big amateur tournament here in town,” avowed Rory.

“And it doesn’t matter that I’m a 6 handicapper, I feel I can compete,” said Rory.

When asked about his chances of winning the coveted Blacksburg Amateur, Rory hesitated but finally spoke saying, “look, don’t be fooled, some of these weekend golfers I will be competing against can flat out play,” asserted Rory.

When asked why he would risk so much on a player that hasn’t broken par in 3 years, the salty cop gave a menacing look and defended his son by saying, “that’s my god damn son your talking about you son of a bitch!”

“I know he has almost a zero chance of winning the Blacksburg Open or making the tour, but I’m not giving up on my boy.” Jack retorted. “And yes, I did name him after pro golfer Rory McIlroy which I have to live with on a daily basis,” confessed Jack.

When asked how they will get along out on the course, Jack replied while shaking his head, “he can be a little hard headed but we both know that when it comes to the mental game, it’s me all day long,” the now former cop turned golf guru/caddie quipped.

“I couldn’t think of anyone I would rather have on my bag than my Dad,” said the younger Procter. “He knows my game better than I do and he always has,” Rory said, choking back tears as he missed his ninth 3 footer in a row on the practice green.

His path and dream of making the PGA Tour will begin next Friday.

The latest betting line from the odds makers in Vegas have Procter missing the cut by 12

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  1. That was a ballsy move you made there, Sarge. Don’t try to deny you are Sgt. Jeff Procter, the “salty cop” in the story; a salty cop, who just happened to hold the rank of Sergeant.

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