Army Reservist Cop Retires After 25 years, Only 2 Spent with PD

army reservist cop

(Article updated on 1/31/18)

An American Hero

Virginia – What a better way to kick off Super Bowl Week then honor one of our own heroes, Captain Charlie Watson.

Captain Watson will be retiring today from the Beaver Falls Police Department in southwest Virginia with 25 years of honorable duty with that agency.

Captain Watson was also a member of the Virginia National Guard during his career as a police officer.

Watson was able to juggle the many demands of being a career cop along with his sworn duty to protect our great country, the United States of America.

Captain Watson was activated several times during his police career and was actually deployed to the Middle East once.

“Let me tell you, it gets hot over there,” explained Watson.

“I’ll never forget the day the AC went out in our shop,” said Watson.

“Those were the worst 2 hours of my life,” related Watson, holding back tears while gazing off into the distance. “It was at that point when I could truly relate to front line Marine Grunts.”

Most of his Army activation’s however kept Watson right here stateside. Captain Watson’s primary MOS (his job in the Army) was Motor Transport.

He did, however, spend a brief time in Food Services (cook) but the hours didn’t afford him enough time to get his Master’s Degree.

“Don’t tell my wife, but we had a lot of down time in the rear which gave me a chance to watch a ton of cooking shows on post,” quipped Watson.

“But those hours were killing me as an Army Cook, so I went back to Motor T,” explained Watson.

A double threat

Although topping out as an E-4 in the National Guard, Captain Watson used his time wisely while away from his police department.

“It took 17 activation’s and 12 years but I was finally able to finish my degree,” Watson proclaimed proudly at his retirement luncheon.

“And even though the Army paid for all of it, those papers didn’t write themselves, ” he said.

Although spending only 2 full years of service with the Beaver Falls Police Department, Watson used his free education wisely to move up the ranks upon each return from his time with the Guard.

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During his career, Captain Watson spent almost 4 months in patrol before he started moving up in rank.

He spent 8 months as a Sergeant in Property and Evidence, 6 months as a Lieutenant in Records and then finished out his career as the Commander of Communications.

“The hardest part during my career has been making rank faster than anyone I went to the Academy with,” admitted Watson.

“And not knowing anyone because I’ve hardly spent any time here,” pined Watson.

Captain Watson was presented a retirement plaque at the luncheon which was attended by 6 people, his wife, 4 daughters, his mom and the Chief.

When asked how he would spend his first retirement check, Captain Watson unashamedly shouted, as he was walking out of police headquarters,”probably write a book or start a blog!”

For the 3 officers that actually knew Captain Watson, each said they would miss him, sort of.

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  1. Thinks he can relate to marine grunts because the AC in the shop went out…pog. 25 years in and retired an E-4? Somebody f*cked up an awful lot.

  2. I retired from the National Guard as a E-6 in 2014 and worked full time as a deputy Sheriff. 20 yrs as a cook in the Army! 13 years in law enforcement.

  3. Hey SS, Is this Barry’s brother? The one who worked all of that OT and only had three arrests all year? These guys are my heroes! ???

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